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Not all DJs who market themselves for schools are professionals.  Many of them are just barely out of high school themselves.  Some are only concerned with having the kids think they are "cool" and like their mixes.  This can lead to some unprofessional behavior.  We at the DJ PROM KINGS understand our job is to entertain the kids, but we also know that the DJ needs to be a sponsor's ally.  Kids will push the limits as far as they can.  We help by keeping things clean and not letting them get out of hand.  So what makes us better than the rest?



  • DJ PROM KINGS is owned and ran by two certified Oklahoma teachers who have passed the extensive background checks it takes to work in a school.  We also run background checks on all of our employees and make sure they understand the level of professionalism expected.

  • We are fully insured and have two million dollars in liability coverage.

  • DJ PROM KINGS go above and beyond to make sure the kids have fun.  Some older DJs have no idea what music is current.  We get the latest music sent to us every week (clean and edited versions).  We know all the line dances and we will get out on the floor and lead them.  We try to connect with the kids on their level.

  • We have cleaner than radio edits of songs.  You will not here a cuss word or vulgarity in our music.

  • We can work with any school's budget.  Our show is fully scaleable.  We can hit a huge 6A school with dozens of lights, fog, and video machines. We can also meet the needs of a rural middle school on a budget while still providing lights and music and a great time.

  • We are willing to meet with no booking obligation to discuss what we can do for your dance!  918.808.5454

What Teachers Should Know About Us

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